Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tilt-Shift Photography

Photographs where once celebrated because they could show us the world as it is, but as soon as the photographic technique was invented, people began finding ways to use the camera to show us the world as it isn't.

The one beautiful example of this is tilt-shift photography, a technique used by photographers like Vincent Laforet use to create the uncanny effect of making the real world look like a miniature model.

“Tilt shift lenses focus on a single part of the photo and shift (blur) the surrounding area to create an optical illusion of miniaturized scenery. Real tilt shift lenses are quite expensive, but a similar effect can be achieved by using Photoshop after you take the photo.”

Notes the Visual Photo Guide. (click the link for a great tutorial on how to achieve this effect in photoshop)

with the current popularity of photoshop effect like pop art, we no longer have to rely on paint and canvas to show others the world of our imaginations.

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