Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New From LexJet: Satin Cloth!

Satin cloth is a new material developed for the Giclee process. It has many of the advantages of canvas, and offers new possibilities for displaying your art. It can be sewn, stretched or hung like canvas, and it has even been hung outside!

Satin Fabric has a very smooth texture which does not conflict with the fine detail in your image bright whites give it superior colour response. Some people describe it's look and feel as being like vellum. This product is exiting for us here are Canada on Canvas because it's translucency allows for highly creative and beautiful mounting options.

Satin cloth and canvas printing have various pros and cons. We have created this chart comparing them


Lexjet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth Giclee

Canvas Giclee


Smooth texture, good for capturing fine detail and sharpness. Vellum-like feel

Woven texture, good for softening images and masking defects, traditional canvas feel

Colour response

Excellent. Accepts high levels of ink saturation. PreLume technology provides brighter white points.

Excellent. High levels of ink saturation and bright white point.


90% (translucent)

Greater that 99%


Very light-weigh (130g per sq meter)

Heavy (410 g per sq meter)




Water resistance

Very high


Mounting Options:

Lexjet water-resistant satin cloth is stretchable like canvas, and can be mounted for wall hanging. Other mounting options offer the possibility of taking advantage of the material's transparency. Mounting using back-lighting works very well with this material, because the smooth weave of Satin Cloth acts as a natural diffuser, making the whole image glow with light.

Window Display:

One simple option is to use poster hangers to create a banner that hangs in front of a source of light, like a window or a indirect light source. This could be done by using poster hangers like these:

or these,

OR by sewing a pocket into the top and bottom of the cloth, and inserting a dowel to suspend the banner from.

The satin cloth is water resistant, so consider using it in outdoor applications as well. Here is story from the Lexjet web page that attests to the durability of this material

“ [the artist] took the [satin cloth] screen down to the beach for a marketing shoot, he placed it in the water and shot it. Then, the screen tipped over into the surf and was soaked with salt water. He took it home, rinsed it off with a garden hose and left it standing outdoors exposed to the elements for two months. The colours remained totally colourfast.”

Commercial Banner Display

Another mounting option is using a commercial banner displays like these, which can be back-lit, or use the ambient light in the room or outdoor area to show off the Satin Cloth's transparency. Displays like these are available here.

the Lexjet blog has a great post on innovative business ideas using this material.


A very beautiful and original option for displaying your Satin Cloth print is to create a light-box. A light-box is a framed box that with light mounted inside, and a translucent image on the front. They are often used commercially and by professional artists, but Satin Cloth printing allows them to be created affordability for home decor.

A Light-box turns your image into a creative ambient lighting solution, as well as highlighting the particular beauty of your image. Back-lighting increases the presence and richness of saturated colours, it lends an ethereal quality to soft or misty images, and it makes skin really glow in portraits.

Cost comparison: Satin Cloth Mounting Options

for a 20x30 print ($61 printing cost)


Do we do it?



Stretch mounting



Finished and, ready to hang. Beautifully textured fine wall art.

Poster Hangers



Simple to order and install,

can be hung on wall or window for natural light back-lit effect.

Commercial banners



Professional displays for trade shows or point of sale displays

Light Boxes

No right now: check back soon


Original and beautiful wall are and lighting solution. Makes any photo come alive.

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