Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New! Fine Art Cards

It has been said “T'is better to give than receive”, and judging from our customers, this is certainly true! Or customers love to give gifts, especially personalized gifts. Since we know no gift is complete without a card, We are now offering personalized card sets printed with images and text that you choose.

These card sets are great for sending out family Christmas cards from home or from a business. They can be used as wedding invitations or birth announcements, party invitations or thank – you cards. We always include envelopes, you just add the address!

Personalized cards are great to include with gifts, as it is a little something extra to remind the receiver of you! Because you are using your own image or design, you will never have to agonize over the racks of cards at the store, and your gift will always be unique.

For artists, gift cards are a wonderful way to give your work some exposure. People who love your work will be happy to have a copy of the beautiful images to keep, even if they can't buy the whole painting. Many artists Find that art cards are a great way to supplement their income. At Canada on Canvas we always use pigment-based inks and high quality paper, so you know that your cards will be bright, sharp and long-lasting.

Ordering is not easier than ever with our online order form. The only hard part is choosing the picture!

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