Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Print your Instagram Photos!

Social media is a very powerful tool for getting an audience and platform to care about your ideas. Whether you are a small company, an international corporation or a small town singer that just wants to make it big, social media has become the best way to get yourself out there.

Of course social media would be nothing without the rapid development and accessibility of technological devices - cell phones, tablets and other portable devices allow people to connect more efficiently and effectively.

So you’re probably wondering what my point is? Since the first smart phones came out, they allowed us to customize our cell phones with apps (applications) we are able to do more and connect to everyone around the world. Photography, filming videos and sending out short messages has allowed us to become apart of a large network of people who enjoy the same things.

One of the most popular applications available to us now is Instagram. This simple application allows us to share our lives with anyone around the world. It is one of the most popular photography based applications that probably is the reason why I have 5 photo editing apps on my phone.

Instagram is easy to use and it allows us to edit our photos with effects – something you used to be only allowed to do on a desktop computer.

I personally have over 500 photos on my Instagram page and many of those photos are of my friends or photos of places I’ve been. It is nice to share those photos with your friends but how many people have thought about printing those photos? Especially since now it is so easy to make your photos look how you want, you can print your photos with the effects or the collage you created for Instagram.

At Print Instagram Photos page, you can now upload your Instagram photos on our website and print them out! Products offered are: Giclee Prints on canvas gallery wraps with optional floater frames, fine art paper or plaque mounts.

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