Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to make your stained glass

Photo by: jojomamma654

1. Make your template. Draw or print out your pattern on a piece of paper in actual size.

2. Choose your glass: Cathedral or Opalescent.

clear or transparent glass with colorants added.
white or opal with the color mix. It has a higher density than Cathedral glass requiring more pressure to cut through.

You can purchase stained glass and equipment at a stained glass supply shop or craft supply shop.
Equipment list needed for stained glass project: glass cutter, pliers, copper foil, soldering iron and solder, grinder.

3. Cut the pattern in its separate pieces and label them by color and grain direction. Place the pattern under the glass and trace the outline with a thin permanent marker.

4. Score your glass. Roll a cutter wheel along the marked line to score the glass.

For more detailed instruction and reference images, please visit the following link:

5. Cut your glass using pliers for straight pieces, and a glass cutter for curved sections.

6. Grind down the sharp edges of the different pieces using a glass grinder or a glass router to make the edges smooth.

7. Foil the glass. Cover the edges of the glass with 7/32" copper foil then remove protective backing of the foil.

8. Solder the glass in place. Apply small dots of flux to desired areas, melt a small blob of solder on top.

9. Frame your creation!

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