Thursday, August 4, 2016

2016 Nature Canada Photography Contest

Nature Canada © Howard Trofanenko

Take your camera wherever you go!

This post is for our customers who are professional wildlife photographer, amateur photographers AND anyone who loves to capture the slight bit of breeze they breathe in. We are pleased to reside in this beautiful land where grass is green and sky is so high and blue. Not to mention that we have great photographers and their fans to cherish the captured moments!

Nature Canada announced the launch of its photo contest this year. According to their website, they received over 6,000 entries last year and top photos were carefully chosen to be featured in their Nature Calendar.   

Nature Canada will be accepting photo entries that capture "the beauty of Canadian nature all around us" from May 24th and running until August 14th (10 days left from today!). 

Here is a variety of themes for inspirations via Nature Canada website.
  • Canadian Wildlife
  • Canadian Landscape
  • Fauna & Flora
  •  Nature Nearby
  • Nature in Action
  • Families in Nature
Nature Canada hopes that participants will "experience and learn about the natural beauty Canada has to offer" by spending time in nature. Get out there and gaze on the beauty! 


How to Submit

Please make sure to always include the theme into which you would like to submit your photo! We would also love to hear the story behind the shot!
Please make sure to always identify yourself as either an Amateur, Professional, or Youth photographer.
Make sure to include #NaturePhotoContest when using social media. Twitter submissions should also include @naturecanada in order for entries to be accepted.

Go to the link below for further information about the contest including special prizes for winners!

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Article via Nature Canada Photo Contest 2016

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