Wednesday, March 1, 2017

StockPhotoSet Wednesday - Toasty Food + Warm Drinks #2!

Anyone hungry? Today's StockPhotoSet is another round of food and drink - this time some warm toasty images to warm us up this winter.

To download, simply click on the Dropbox link below:

Every second Wednesday we'll be scouring free stock photography sites such as, and Freestock, to bring your our top 5 favourites for your growing business or office! These ones are all A-OK to print and hang in your commercial space, and are all high enough in DPI to print on large canvas sizes.

Downloaded and ready to print? Some of our recommendations for business decor are canvases and plaque mounts. If you're in an especially modern environment, then our glossy metal or wood prints would also look impressive!

Got your piece and ready to hang it? Snap us a photo, we'd love to see you and business in all its splendor! Post it to our Facebook group!

Not quite what you were looking for? Comment below and send us suggestions on what kinds of images you'd like us to find for our next Stock Photo Set!

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