Monday, March 26, 2018

5 Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Frame

We know that sometimes picking frames can be a bit tricky. With so many different colors, textures, widths and styles to choose from, there's a lot of different factors to juggle all at once. So we're sharing our tips to help you narrow down your choices.

1. Decide What is the Final Size Needed

This may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but when picking frames, you need make sure the final result matches where you are planning on hanging it. Otherwise, you risk finding a beautiful frame, but its final size is either too small or too big for any of your spaces. So find the wall you'd like to hang your picture, and roughly measure how large you'd like it to be. 

2. Decide if You Need a Matboard

Once you have the final size figured out, you can start to narrow in on what combinations you can make with your artwork, matboard and frame. What is the size of your artwork? Does it need a matboard, or will a frame be enough? How thick should the frame be? 
Some tips for deciding if you need a matboard: matboards are generally more traditional, and help give more air and focus to a particular piece. You may want to consider a matboard if you:
  • have a smaller print that you would like to feature in a larger frame size (ie, a 8x10 picture but in an 11x14 frame)
  • have a particularly special piece or an original artwork that you would like to preserve - matboards help keep the plexiglass away from the artwork. This is especially helpful with artworks that have lots of textures and mediums such as chalk, pastel, etc, that may leave residue on the plexiglass resting on top of it.
  • have a signature wall or decor color you'd like to highlight - matboards are an excellent way to help harmonize a room with a pop of color

3. Pick Your Frame Style

Finally, the part that you wanting to get to to begin with! Now that you have an idea of the final combination you're going for, you can finally start considering which style of frame you want. Are you planning on going:
  • Modern? If so, consider pairing your white/off-white matboards with sleek, slim designs, such as thin metal frames. Or, if you have a larger piece, consider white minimalist wood frames in solid, matte finishes.
  • Traditional? If so, consider choosing a matboard of color to harmonize and enrichen your piece. Oil paintings, for example, often have many rich, deep ochres or ombre tints to them, which pair nicely with matboards with darker colors, such as plum, raspberry, rust, etc. If going for a dark matboard, try to keep your frame more basic. Conversely, if you would like to go for a more ornate frame (think gold or with lots of details), try to pick a softer, neutral matboard.
(To help you get started, here are some of our more popular frame styles:)
GA152 Black Satin
GB207 Gold Leaf Legacy
GC359 Kyoto White

4. Play Around with Sizes

Once you have an idea of colors and proportions, play around with them to see what hits the spot. You can use our online calculator with accompanying visual graphics to get a sense of how your matboard and frame are interacting. 

5. Have fun! 

Picking out picture frames doesn't have to be daunting. Like trying on new clothes, it can be a creative experience mixing and matching. For a better idea, you can also visit our youtube channel to see the different textures and finishes, or order corner samples to match with your picture. (Your corner samples become free if you end up purchasing a final big-sized frame from us!)

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