Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Looking at the Starn Twins work in my last blog post got me thinking about photo-montage and the endless possibilities. Just through taking a lot of photographs, either all of the same subject or photographs of a common theme or really whatever you want, and collaging them together like a jigsaw you can achieve the most amazing/original works of art.

below is a photo-montage created by David Hockney. He is a great example of the experimentation and fun you can achieve through photo-montage! The portrait subject is actually his own mother.

Another approach to photo-montage is taking photographs along the same theme and putting them together to create something completely different. I've noticed an increase in the popularity of collage work we do here and think that its a great way of taking digital images and through giclee on canvas turning them into something completely different. To check out some of the collage compositions we offer follow the link: