Friday, July 2, 2010

Portrait Photography

I find something so fascinating about portrait photography, its as if through the these up close images you are getting to know the subject of the portrait without ever meeting them. Portrait photography has the ability to display the personality and even the mood of the subject. It can show the vulnerability of people as they are not able to hide from the camera lens.

One of my favorite portrait artists is Diane Arbus. Diane Arbus was an American photographer, known for her black and white square photographs, mainly portraits, of people on the outskirts of "normality". She was fascinated with the abnormal and would photograph anyone from a dwarf to a nudist, she would also go to Freak shows in search of her subject matter. Arbus believed that "there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them." She took portrait photography to a new level by exploring what society chose to ignore (examples below).

Diane Arbus was before the digital age so she printed up all of her photographs in her darkroom, they weren't left in a file on a computer being forgotten. Although the digital age has been a blessing for photography, pushing it beyond what previously couldn't be dreamed of. I feel that it has also been a slight curse to photography, with all the mass production around us people have stopped treasuring photographs as they used to. This snap happy society documents every moment for the images just to become lost amongst the thousands on a hard-drive, I am the first to admit that I fall into this category.

We should start admiring the photo's we have. Go through your computer and re-discover the photographs you once loved. Get them printed and decorate your home with your own art. the popularity with printing on canvas is growing everyday, through this process you can turn your image files into a 3D piece ready to hang. For some ideas and to see how easy this process is visit our website on

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