Monday, July 12, 2010

35mm Film Scanner

Today I came across a scanner that solely scans film negatives and slides. These scanners have clearly been around for years but having just heard about them I must say I think its a great idea. As a photographer who likes to focus mainly on film, dark-room access is not always available and finding scanning facilities can be a bit of a hassle too. These scanners would allow me to play around with my photographs and decide which ones are worth further work in the dark-room. From reading up on the scanners it appears that the affordable ones (around the $100 mark) won't give the best quality but if you are comfortable with photo-shop you should be OK.
VuPoint Solutions offers the FC-C520-VP digital film and slide scanner, a device that allows you to convert your old 35 mm standard negatives and mounted sliders to digital images.

The scanning devices can be connected to your computer or you can use an SD disk to store the scans. they appear to be less fidgety then using a film adapter on normal scanners and the majority of them claim that the scan of a negative will only take a few seconds. From there you will have digital images of your previous film negatives that you didn't know what to do with. You can go on to having them printed, maybe even trying the growing trend of printing them on canvas,

Definitely worth further investigation and a possible purchase! if your interested Amazon appears to have a good selection of them and I found the reviews very helpful.


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