Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Artist: Rafael Ochoa's Ideally Rendered Reality Of The Past

Rafael Ochoa is Toronto-based artist who focuses on visual elements from images of old masterpieces that he finds on the internet then creates remix of imagery of classical and postmodern art. Surprisingly, Ochoa utilizes multiple digital-imaging software programs for each piece, using a complex rendering process (for example, Photoshop digital sketching - final image - Zbrush for sculpting & painting - C4D compositing & rendering - Photoshop painting & retouching). 

To name a few things I love about Ochoa's works, there are his gentle lines, mix of vivid and bright colours with slightly muted colours, dramatic chiaroscuro that creates depth of field, and overall staging of the image... basically everything in the pictures! Be sure to check out his website and Angell Gallery Website for more images.

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