Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Artist: Yago Hortal's Vibrant Abstract Expressionist Paintings

Yago Hortal is a contemporary artist from Barcelona, Spain. His works are famous for its vivid and vibrant colour often with fluorescent colours, and thick expressive brushstrokes of different colours that can be visually interpreted as the artist's emotional state. Hortal both spontaneously and intentionally smears, marbles and splatters the painting material onto large scale canvases. 

In some of the images, Hortal's works almost look like 3D rendering of computer generated images. Probably it is because of the flat background colour or the thick texture of the paint that creates shadow onto the surface. I'd say Hortal's original painting is perfectly imperfect, not that I see his works as "imperfect", but it is "perfect" the way it is freely moving.
Below are the works by Yago Hortal from 2015 to 2016. To see more works, please visit Yago Hortal's website.

“I look for a balance between chaos and order,

something like a combination

between a chess game and a boxing match.”


- Yago Hortal

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