Monday, April 3, 2017

Article Feature from ArtNews! - On Artist Block

We've all been there. We get an idea, struck with inspiration...then, as we ready ourselves in front of the easel, we freeze. The canvas is blank, and suddenly, our minds do the same.

The empty canvas dominating Tom Burckhardt’s cardboard installation FULL STOP, 2004–5, expresses the artist’s recurrent fear of “feeling stuck.” Original source: ArtNews
To help relieve your anxieties, we're sharing one of our favorite articles on the feared "artist block". Written by Ann Landi, Art New's Facing the Blank Canvas: Artists' Tips for Getting Started should spark some ideas in breaking out of the rut, or just energizing you to make that first stroke! Click on the image for the full article!

And what about you, readers? Any particular method you're a fan of? For me, I definitely need to cycle through various pieces all at once to help with my artblock. Share your suggestions in our comments section below!

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