Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Frame Feature: GA287 Gold Precious Metal Foil Frame

For today's Frame Feature, we wanted to showcase one of our top sellers! This thick gold Precious Metals foil frame is one of our biggest hits. Its flat, slim profile gives it a very streamlined, modern look, while the high shine gives it a little flash of glamour. A brushed finish reveals subtle lines and faint blank spattering to give it a little bit of an antiqued, or slightly weathered look.

We highly recommend the 1"-width frame with smaller 8x10 or 11x14-ish pieces. They pair excellently with motivational posters and small watercolors with lots of matting. Avoid going too big with this frame, or pairing it with a very busy image. 

If you wish go  bigger, then we recommend the larger ones from the set. However, the same recommendation applies: try to pair it with something with a lot of white space, and not too busy. The silver one will look especially stunning on a plain, mostly dark background.

Take a look below:

As usual, we can make them in custom-sizes to fit any wall space or mantle, around any original piece of work. Add a sheet of mirror from the hardware store and you've got yourself a stunning hallway mirror with a touch of old Versailles! Give a call or email today, and stay tuned for our next Frame Feature video!


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