Wednesday, August 2, 2017

StockPhotoSet - Sweet Summer Batch #3

As summer continues to roll, I bet you've got some loads of pictures on your camera from your travels! But what to do with those awesome photos?

Print it on Canvas!

Printing on canvas is one of the best ways to commemorate a photo! Its deeply pigmented inks bring warmth and lustre to photographs, and the UV coating protects the colors from fading (and keeps it easy to dust). It's lightweight and transportable. Best of all, the canvas's woven texture hides imperfections that can be captured by phone cameras on the go - so those Samsung photos can be blown up bigger than you think!

Print on Paper + Frame 

This is a more traditional route to go - but why not print out all your favorite polaroids and string them from a frame with flair? 

And if you prefer to keep the photographs protected, shielding them with plexi will keep the memories safely intact for years to come.

Plaque-Mount It

What exactly is plaque-mounting? Well, plaque-mounting is the process of printing your file onto paper, mounting it on wood, and then sealing it with a lush, satin-matte laminate. The result is super vibrant colors and the image sealed and protected, without the heaviness of a plexiglass or frame. With so many different choices for edges, your photo can stand alone as an art piece in of itself!

You can also plaque mount other paper-goods, not just images. Why not plaque-mount a map from where you've been, and mark it as you go? The matte-laminate makes writing and scrawling memories and notes a breeze.

We'll stop it at these three choices for today! In the meantime, here are some new hi-res photos to inspire you:

To download, simply click on the Dropbox link below:

Every second week, we scour free stock photography sites such as, and Freestock, to bring your our top 5 favorites for your growing business or office! These ones are all A-OK to print and hang in your commercial space, and are all high enough in DPI to print on large canvas sizes.

Downloaded and ready to print? Some of our recommendations for business decor are canvases and plaque mounts. If you're in an especially modern environment, then our glossy metal or wood prints would also look impressive!

Got your piece and ready to hang it? Snap us a photo, we'd love to see you and business in all its splendor! Post it to our Facebook group!

Not quite what you were looking for? Comment below and send us suggestions on what kinds of images you'd like us to find for our next Stock Photo Set!

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