Friday, May 27, 2016

5 Great apps to edit your photo!

It has become very common for people to take photos with their cellphone. In fact, it's a mainstream that we take photos with our phone and share with friends and public online via social network such as instagram and facebook.

Today, we like to introduce some great apps that will enhance your photos.

1. VSCO - iOS / Android

VSCO is well known for its unique film preset that can be used on desktop software, and now they have packed its core into an awesome editing app that can be used on your mobile. The filters are amazing, and you can adjust them to your taste. The app is free which comes with basic filters, and you can purchase more filters within the app.

2. Adobe Lightroom - iOS / Android

Adobe has improved their standing in mobile standing as the app provides powerful editing which can sync to the desktop with Adobe CC. With Adobe Photoshop Express, they make a great editing combo for serious mobile photographers.

3. Pixlr - iOS / Android

Introducing over 2 million combinations of effects and filters, this app offers layers, text captions and collage options. Considering it is free, this app has all you need.

4. Snapseed - iOs / Android

Snapseed offers great set of tools that can transform your photo with ease. You can make selective adjustments and even healing tool to remove unwanted objects in your photos. The app also offers set of filters that can enhance your photo instantly. It is one of the must-have apps if you are into photography.

5. Mextures - iOS

Mextures offers range of textures, grains and light leaks that can be overlayed easily with your control onto your photos. If you want to achieve another level of creative editing, this app may be the right one to start with.

After editing your photos, you may want to bring them out of screen and have them as prints. In that case, visit where they offer great pricing with great quality products to keep your precious moments for a long time.

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