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How to preserve your art

How to preserve your art

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It is pretty common in these days that having art reside within the screens for viewing and displaying. However, the screens cannot exactly reproduce thick textures of the paints or the genuine gestures built within the work of masters, so that is why we keep going back to the museums and galleries and see the original work with our eyes.

But, when we get to the place to look at the original work and see that it no longer holds its form but slowly deteriorating, only thing that is left would be our disappointments and loss of precious legacy.

To prevent such calamities as much as possible, we will go over several things to watch out for when handling an original artwork and how to keep the work protected for a long time.

There are many factors that will accelerate the deterioration of an artwork. Such as;

UV rays - mostly from natural light such as the sun - will change the colors of ink to fade quickly and even discolor the paper. It would be a shame to see a limited edition of a beautiful painting lose its vibrant colors because it was left in a constant sunlight. To avoid such problem, use an UV light filter glazed glasses with anti-glare coating when framing a work to limit the UV infiltration as much as possible while keeping the reflections minimal for the best look. Also, avoid  hanging an artwork in places such as near a heat source or opposite side of the window where direct light is constantly reaching.

Moisture - water is another huge factor that ruins an artwork because not only it crumbles or stains the paper, it accelerates the chemical reactions in materials. So it is critical to maintain the right environment when the work is placed. It is advised to keep the temperature around 20 degrees Celsius (room temperature) and humidity level around 50%. Keep in mind  fluctuation of conditions will accelerate the deterioration process as well, so it is never enough to emphasize that keeping the environment in a steady condition is crucial protection for an artwork. Try to avoid places such as washrooms and basement where humid can build up easily.

Dusts and dirt - dusts and dirt are another factor that destroy a beautiful work. So we recommend having some sort of backing for the work to keep the small things enter into the work. If you find the work really precious, you may want to consider add several backings to ensure the work is well protected.

Pests - insects and rodents tend to eat away your work - papers and canvases. Always keep your environment and storage areas clean and do not leave any  food or beverages near by which can draw the pests. Check and monitor the area regularly to ensure the space is kept secured.

One more thing to note is that, if you are displaying or storing an original  work or special prints, it is highly  recommended to use archival materials to guarantee protection from acids damaging your precious work over time.

If you are having trouble to find the right materials you need to protect your precious artwork, or you would like to have all-in-one package with your work printed in quality material, please visit www.canadaoncanvas.com. You can just order the pieces you need or we can print, arrange and assemble all together and ship to your door.

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