Tuesday, September 27, 2016

AGP: Promote & Sell Your Art With Us!

Join our new Artist Gallery Program and start selling your art prints online today, hassle-free!

CanadaOnCanvas.com's Artist Gallery Program is dedicated to helping artists or art galleries sell prints of their artwork. Through the program, artists can upload high-resolution digital images, specify the sizes, set the prices and sell their prints to online visitors. This program is open to all painters, photographers, digital artists, and art galleries. Joining the Artist Gallery Program is completely free. 

Visit Local Art Galleries page to browse our artists in the house and join us!

You'd probably be wondering what are the benefits of participating in AGP.
Artist Gallery Program Benefits:
Artists can upload images of their artwork, and sell prints online.
Artists have control over the prices of their prints.
Artists can always update their artwork details, biography information, and gallery information at any time.
Artist gallery pages have been meticulously designed for high search-engine rankings.
Artists can link back to their own website, one of the best online marketing practices.
Artists' online galleries are locally based, allowing local visitors to find local artists more easily.
The Artist Gallery Program is completely free for the artist.
More questions? Please read our FAQ section related to this program:  
Artist Gallery Program FAQs 
Riverside, Perry Stehr Photography

Just A Dream, Natalie Callwood Photography

Lake Nipissing Sunset, Francoise Noel

Pack String, Chris Gale Gallery

Mauna Kea, Where Photography Meets Fantasy

How AGP works:
1. Open an Artist Gallery Program account by signing up on our registration page. Please make sure you have entered your billing and shipping information completely. 

2. Apply for the "Artist Gallery" program: You need to email us a link to your website or up to 5 hi-res files/images of your artwork to be reviewed. 

3. Once your account has been approved, upload high-resolution images of your artwork or 
photos to CanadaOnCanvas.com. We create museum-quality prints of your artwork or photos on paper, canvas, plaques, and more. The higher the resolution of your image/photo, the better quality and size of your print! 

4. When a customer decides to purchase one of your prints, we:
- process the customer's payment
- print your image on canvas, fine art paper or a plaque, whatever the customer has ordered
gallery wrap it on stretcher bars (if applicable)
- frame and mat it (if applicable)
- package and ship it to the customer!
- notify you - the artist - that a sale has been made. 

5. If your account balance reaches $100.00 in any month, we'll send your payment before the end of the following month via check or PayPal. For example, if your account balance reaches the payment threshold during August, we'll send you a payment at the end of September. 

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