Friday, September 30, 2016

Artist: Lola Dupre And Her Alphabet Buildings

Lola Dupre is a collage artist and an illustrator based in Spain with clients including Penguin Books, TIME Magazine, Nike Basketball, MAXIM Magazine, Die Welt, New Statesman and BURTON. 

For her personal project, Dupre utilized to cut, glue, and often duplicate tiny black and white photgraphs of bricks, windows, doors, stairs, chimney... anything that constructs an architecture to build imaginary buildings that shaped like alphabets. They are just all so full of their own stories. I'd love to read some writing that has been inspired by this a B C D series. 

According to the artist, a B C D explores the relationships between memory and reading, the phenomena of precognitive interpretation of words and letters. Each pieces are paper collages on wood panel in the size of 21.1x30.3cm, x 4. Below are the images of a B C D. Check out her Behance page for other personal/commissioned projects.


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