Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Artist: Omar Robles Captures Dancers In The Streets Of New York

Omar Robles

Omar Robles was born and raised in Puerto Rico and is currently based in New York. About a decade ago, Robles started professional photography career for Metro San Juan Magazine in Puerto Rico which eventually led to working as a photojournalist for the Chicago Tribune's Spanish publication Hoy in 2010. From Chicago, Robles relocated to New York City where he began a dance in the streets series. Find hastag #OZR_Dance for the remarkable photographs of Robles.

What I love about Robles' Dance series is, it's obvious but, how the background-the streets of magical city of New York becomes the backdrop of the dancing stage only because of the presence of the dancer with powerful yet elegant movement. Look how the streets and the dancers create a collision of the deep emotion and powerful energe embedded in each other!


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