Monday, October 31, 2016

Artist: Casey Gray And Abundant Plains

The works of Casey Gray, San Francisco based artist, is done in aerosol paint and hand cut masking techniques to portray "skewed hyper-realism" in layered still life arrangements (Flowers, Tables, Cabinets, Boards, Clusters, and Waves). Gray creates narratives from specific content from various sources, both offline and online, that construct new identity and find new relationship between himself and the world. 

I love it how Grays work oozes kitsch but is not without class. His new works will be on display at Circuit 12 Contemporary in Dallas until November 15th. Circuit 12 Contemporary

Casey Gray is interested in how people process

and manage this visual overload,

and aims to create work that explores

and emphasizes the collision of visual experiences

inherent to the contemporary landscape.



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