Friday, October 14, 2016

Artist: Karin Jurick And Art of Art Looking At Art

Have you ever thought of someone could be watching you when you are lost in the beauty of iconic artworks at the museums? Karin Jurick, the artist, takes her camera everywhere and then paint from those photos to capture moments in time, people just doing their thing.

In her voyeuristic painting series, Museum Patrons and A rtist Z serie, Jurick takes a step back to really look at the museum patrons' breathtaking encounter with the masterpieces. As a spectator of Jurick's paintings, I become curious about the feelings and thoughts of the viewers in front of the paintings as they are curious about the art in front of them. Although the postures of the viewers are rather still and static, we can imagine the eyes of the patrons are constantly moving to observe every details and overall atmosphere of the artwork. What could be also interesting is to find and recognize famous art within art.



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