Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Artist: Foggy Adventures Of Lorenzo Montezemolo

f o g · f i n g e r s | marin county, california by Lorenzo Montezemolo

Lorenzo Montezemolo captures the foggy air in the night sky of San Francisco area. The photograph above was taken only three days ago from today on Mount Tamalpais (a.k.a. Mt. Tam) in Marin Conunty. It was quite surprising to look at such picture at this time of the year because I could only expect a clear sky with the sun spreading its beams during the summer in San Francisco.

According to Montezemolo, "the trips [to the mountains] have been very rewarding socially (I've met many other fog addicts), physically (lots of hiking) and photographically (I now have an even more enormous catalog of fog photos)". It sounds like fun to actually go up there to be productively socialize with people who share the same interest!
Find his works at Flickr and Instagram.


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